Production Specialty is a manufacturer of Circular Cold Saw Blades, and offers a complete saw blade sharpening service with rapid turn around. The Industry term for these saw blades is either circular saw blades or cold saw blades. However you refer to them, when they need sharpening or replacement, try Production Specialty. We'll respond quickly with price and delivery.

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"Give us a try. Send us one of your dull blades and we will sharpen it for free. We will let you be the judge that Production Specialty gives the cutting edge."

.. Resharpen your dull saw blades or have us make Circular High Speed Coldsaw Saw Blades from 6" to 22" ..
Fast Turnaround Experts..

Resharpen your Cold saws

We start by importing the finest M2 High Speed Steel blanks from Germany.

Imported Blanks For HSS Cold Saw Blades

Next, we use the latest CNC technology to tooth and sharpen your circular coldsaw saw blades.

After Sharpening, we measure the geometries of the teeth to ensure the proper rake and clearance angles

Cold Saw Shapening.

We offer high-speed cold saw blades for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

We also can provide you with different coatings for difficult to cut materials such as stainless steel. Our Resharpening Service will restore your HSS sawblades cutting edges. We offer competitive pricing and specialize in fast turnaround.

Call us with your circular saw blade requirements.

NEW HSS Cold Saw Blades : High Speed Saw Blades for metal cutting applications. Cold saws manufactured for standard and custom cutting applications. Our HSS blades are manufactured to the latest industry specifications to exceptionally high standards. The cold saw blades will perform as expected and last. We can supply a single high speed blade or multiples for your needs. Production Specialty also sharpens our own and other circular coldsaw blades.