Industrial Cold Saws

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Dake    Dake cold saws - manual to automatic cold saws
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Technics Manual
Cold Saw
Manual Saw
2.75 to 4.75" Round
several models
110v to 440V
Technics Semi or Automatic Cold Saw
Semi_auto saw
3.38" round capacity
- Semi- Auto or Automatic
-Low Vibration-
60° left & 45° right -
control hand or foot -
Euromatic Semi-Automatic Cold Saw
4 in. round capacity
Transparent Hood - Table accommodates long pieces - 90° left & 45° right -
auto-clamp vise -
Euromatic Automatic
Cold Saw
4 in. round capacity
Transparent Hood - 12in or 14.5 in blades - Table accommodates long pieces - 90° left & 45° right -
auto-clamp vise -

KMT Saws    KMTsaw Bench Style, Manual Pivot Head, semi-automatic and Automatic Ferrous Cold Saws ;
    High Speed Circular Saws for non-ferrous applications
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Manual Pivot

manual pivot head
3" & 4" models
10", 12" or 14" blades
Ferrous light duty, tubing, pipe, profiles - Standalone-
Swivel Head
Vertical Column Manual
vertical column style manual
4" & 4.5" Model
Ferrous - Heavy Duty Body - Miter Cuts - 12.5" & 14.5" Blades -
Vertical Column Semi-Automatic
semi-automatic ferrous
4" & 4.5" Capacity Model
Ferrous -
12.5" & 14.5"blades
semi-automatic models - swivel cut mitering -
Vertical Column -Automatic Cold Saw
Automatic Cold Saws
4.5" Capacity
Automatic High production cutting - available NC controls for programmable cutting - ferrous
Non-Ferrous High Speed Circular Saws
4.75" capacity
NON-FERROUS High Speed Circular Saws - Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Models - swivel heads

Jet Wilton    Bench Style, manual & semi-automatic cold saws
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Bench Style

Miter Cuts from 0° to 45° left - Vise operates manually - Oil bathed gearing - Coolant system - 2.5" capacity

Manual Coldsaw

manual cold saw for ferrous metals
Ferrous metals
2 speeds
Miter up to 135°
Coolant system -
capacity 3.3" Round

Manual Coldsaw

manual cold saw for ferrous metals"
Ferrous metals
2 speeds
Miter up to 135°
Coolant system -
capacity 3.5 " Round
Manual Non-Ferrous CK350- 2 CK350-4
manual non-ferrous
2 speeds - Mitering stops 90°, 45° Left & right - Coolant system - 3" capacity

Ferrous Manual
FK350-2 FK350-4

manual ferrous
Head rotates 45 ° left & 45° right - Stops at 90°, 45° Left & right - steels, tubing, profiles - 4.5" capacity


Clausing    Kalamazoo Manual and Semi-Automatic cold saws
Manual ColdSaw
Manual available either with oir without pneumatic vise
4.75" & 5" capacities
2 speed - with or without pneumatic vise -
- swivels 45 degrees right & left - Coolant System - heavy duty
4.75" &  5" capacities
2 speeds - self centering vise - TEFC motor - Flood Coolant or Mist -
- swivels 45 degrees right & left - heavy duty construction


Our cold saw selection ensures that you can acquire the right cold saw for your application. Our service and pricing will make sure you receive a prompt and very competitive quote. When you deal with Production Specialty you are dealing with family. Low overhead translates into lower pricing. Call Jason now.

Our selection of cold saws runs from small manual to fully automatic systems. Cold saws for ferrous and non-ferrous tubing, rod, and flats. Whether you need a coldsaw for quick, light and infrequent service or a full time fully automatic application, our experience and selection will make sure you have the right equipment recommendation. Occasional jobs or require fully automated operation, we can match the right machine to your needs. Be sure to call us to get your best pricing.

Many of these cold saws provide for miter cutting. See the product detail pages for specifications. . Please give us the chance to work with your company.

Production Specialty is also in the business of blade sharpening services and manufacturing of new HSS blades. We hope after you buy your cold saw you will keep these additional services in mind.

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