Rustlick Water Soluble Oils

Product Selection Characteristics Applications
RUSTLICK WS-5050 Heavy-Duty Soluble Oil
Effective Chlorinated E.P. Additive
Provides Excellent Tool Life
Special Additives Protect Neoprene Seals
General Purpose, Medium/Severe Duty Applications
Can Be Used On All Metals Except Titanium
Compatible With CNC Machining
Biostable Heavy-Duty Water Soluble Oil
Provides Long Sump Life
Corrosion Resistance
General Purpose, Medium/Heavy Duty Applications
Can Be Used On All Metals


Semi-Synthetic Coolants

Product Selection Characteristics Applications
Biostable Semi-Synthetic Coolant
Provides Long Sump Life
Contains Additive for Use With Brass, Bronze and Copper
General Purpose, for Machining and Grinding
Good for All Ferrous Metals and Aluminum

Synthetic Coolants

Product Selection Characteristics Applications
Synthetic Grinding Fluid
High Level of Rust Prevention, Non-Foaming, Transparent
Enables the Rapid Settling of Residues, Which Eliminates Wheel Build-Up And Ensures Finer Finishes
General Purpose, Designed for Grinding Applications
Excellent for Blanchard Grinding
Synthetic Coolant
With Non-Chlorinated E.P. Additives
High Level of Rust Prevention
High Performance Machining and Grinding
Can Be Used With All Metals Including Aluminum

EDM Fluids - Electrical Discharge Machining

Product Selection Characteristics Applications
Product Selection RUSTLICK PowerBurn EDM-500

Synthetic Dielectric Oil

Transparent, Fluorescent Yellow-Green
Cosmetic-Grade Formulation Virtually Eliminates Skin Irritation
Formulated From Base Chemicals So Highly Refined and Purified That Additional Additives are Not Necessary The Result is Faster Cutting, Higher Quality Finishes and Longer Fluid Life
Low Viscosity for Easy Flushing
Virtually Odorless

EDM Machining, Good for All Metals

Resist Thermal Degradation From High
Amperage Applications Up to 400 Amp
Low Power Factor Means That
Unwanted Current Doesn't Leak Through the Oil
High Dielectric Strength
Good For All Types of Filters

RUSTLICK EDM-30 Dielectric Oil
Low Viscosity Allows for Fast Settling that Yields Higher Quality Finishes
EDM Machining
Designed for Paper Cartridge Filtration Up to 150 Amps

Other Specialty Products Available

Rustlick CNC Skimmer - SC3000 Coalescent Skimmer Sump Pump
This portable coolant skimmer removes up to 95% of floating tramp oils from machine tool sumps.Detachable floating oil skimmers have no positioning requirements, provide perfect fluid flow and are easily installed. With the SC3000, the entire coolant filtration process takes place quickly, without removing the machine from operation.

Portable Design for Easy Relocation and Multiple Machine Use

Prevention of Rancidity and "Monday Morning Odor"

One-Time Setup With No Equipment Modification Required

Reduce Coolant Replacement and Disposal Costs