powermatic  Powermatic® Bandsaws - table saws - planars - lathes       -Authorized Distributor-

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Woodworking bandsaws

Model Number 2013
20" capacity 3 Speeds
Model Number 2415

24" capacity 3 Speeds PWBS-14
13-1/2" Capacity

Table Saws
Tablesaws - cabinet saws

PM2000 Tablesaw
Heavy Duty Innovative
66 Cabinet Saw
Heavy Duty

Industrial grade woodworking lathes

15S Deluxe Planar
14-7/8 " capacity
209 Planar
20" capacity
201 Planar
22" capacity

woodworking lathe

24" Lathe
20" lathe

   Powermatic®- sanders - drill

Disc and Belt Sanders

20" Disc Sander
Combo Disc Belt sander

Drill Press
woodworking drill press

Innovative powerful woodworking drill press

Production Specialty has long been a supplier of superior metal working equipment. When looking for a vendor of quality woodworking equipment we have chosen to represent "POWERMATIC". POWERMATIC has been manufacturing industrial grade band saws, tablesaws, planars, panel saws, sanders, drill presses and other assorted woodworking equipment since 1921. We sell their full line of equipment, but only list what you see above on the website. If you need a dust collection system to compliment any of the above, please contact us directly.