Edwards Ironworker Specialists

Edwards Ironworker SpecialistsWhy we at fabshoptools.com , a dba of Production Specialty chose to represent Edwards Ironworkers and become Edwards Ironworker Specialists.

For one thing – these ironworkers are completely made in the United States and we choose to support American Manufacturers as much as possible.

Ironworkers kind of fascinate us here at fabshoptools. They do so much in such an efficient way, that we think every fabrication facility should own one. Our parent organization, Production Specialty, has been in the supply side of fabrication shops and machine shops for more than 30 years. As a distributor of a variety of industrial fabrication shop tools, see www.productionspecialty.com our customers had begun asking about ironworkers. After seeing the Edwards Ironworkers in  action on Gearz TV, we contact Edwards and signed on as a distributor. These Ironworkers are about the coolest machines we have come across and the most flexible.

The line of products continues to grow, with the hydraulic accessories lineup of a Pipe and Tube Bender, Radius Roller, Shop Press, Press Brake and multiple tooling attachments.

The machines are dependable, as we have seen units from the 90’s still operating dependably.

We have decided to focus our efforts on Edwards Ironworkers, represented on this website. Many other distributors offer Edwards along with other brands. We have chosen to stay with Edwards, exclusively.

This allows us build our expertise with their products and offerings, as well as our relationship with their team. Because of this we are in an excellent position to answer many questions that might come to potential customers.

As those questions come up we will be adding them to the website along with the answers and clarifications.

Please contact us with your questions regarding these dependable ironworkers.
We have a great free shipping offer on new ironworkers, but you’ll be wise to call Jason with your questions and requirements. We may be able to work out a better deal if we talk and discuss your actual application


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