Dake PBM Hydraulic Press

H-Frame Hydraulic Press – Large Hydraulic Press from 40 to 100 Tons with Movable Table

Dake PBM Hydraulic Press is powerful press used for assembly, bending, broaching and other jobs. Models from 40 to 100 ton. Large workpieces easily placed on table and then table moves to center workpiece under cylinder.

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PBM Hydraulic Press With Movable Table

Table in use – load material from overhead and push table under press great for overhead loads.


  • Assembly, bending, broaching, forming and straightening for large weldments
  • Table is mounted on rollers so it is easy tp position under ram.
  • Smooth Joy stick control


  • 70 to 100 ton models available with manual cylinder lateral movement.


modelPBM 40 PBM 70 PBM 70M 
table length (inches)232323
ram speed advance684747
ram speed pressing955
ram travel191919
width between uprights353535
table length232323
dimensions63 x40 x 9367 x 40 x 9567 x 40 x 95
wotkhead travel L/Rfixedfixed22 In Manual


modelPBM 100 PBM 100M PBM 100MC 
capacity (tons)100100100
ram speed advance (ipm)595959
ram speed pressing (ipm)555
ram travel191919
daylight (inches)272727
width between uprights414159
table length272727
dimensions75 x 47 x 9775 x 47 x 9795 x 47 x 97
workhead travel L/Rfixed26 manual45 manual
weight (lbs)2,8663,9024,321