Edwards Notcher Tooling


Angle Notcher

angle notcherAngle notchers are specialized for the angle iron frame industry, although there are additional applications. The Angle Notcher tooling takes a precise 92 degree notch from the bottom leg of angle up to 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ profiles.
40,50,66,60T $1,399.00
65,75,100,Elite 110 & 110/65T $1,399.00
100T DLX, 120T $1,399.00




Coper Notcher

Coper NotcherCoper/Notcher tooling, aka a nibbler, allows for a small bite or a large bite to be taken out of plate.
25 Ton $1,249.00
40 Ton $1,249.00 
55 Ton $1249.00
100 Ton $1,649.00
110 Ton Elite $1,649.00




Pipe Notcher

Pipe NotcherPipe Notcher tooling quickly makes saddle joint connections in schedule-40 pipe.

All Ironworkers  $429.00






Turret Pipe Notcher

turret pipe notcherTurret Pipe Notcher Housing allows you to load your multiple pipe dies into the housing and then you can switch from one die size to the next.

Fits all Ironworkers  $999.00