Hydraulic Power Accessories

Porta Power

Use this portable hydraulic power unit to power hydraulic accessories from Edwards, like 10 ton pipe bender, radius roller, shop press or a horizontal press.

Porta Power Hydraulic Power Unit

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Hydraulic Power 2750 PSI
Motor Standard 5 HP 3PH 230V
Optional Motor •5 HP 3PH 460V
•5HP 1PH 230V


Built in Powerlink System

This hydraulic power accessory must be ordered with a new Ironworker and incorporated in the build.
It is available in the 40 Ton and Up Edwards Ironworkers and is included in the Elite series

Hydraulic Accessory PackThis is more informational than anything else…..

Hydraulic Power Accessory Pack PowerLink
Price Range $1,100.00 – $1,300.00
Order as an option with a New Ironworker (see ironworkers) 40 Ton : $1,100.00  50,55,60 Ton : $1300.0065-120 Ton :