8 Inch to 18 Inch Band Saws

Clausing Industrial Horizontal Band Saws are worth the look. Made in America you have a lot of options to choose from, manual saws through fully automatic programmable saws. These saws are heavy duty and often times the price and performance exceed other mfrs.

 clausing-logo-new Clausing Band Saws.
KC812W Manual Horizontal Band Saw Clausing KC812W – 8 inch capacity horizontal band saw, manual operation, 1 hp 110 or 220V Motor. 4 Blade Speeds
KC-12AX 12 inch Semi-auto or automatic band saw  Clausing KC12AX – Full or semi-automatic operation 12.75 Round ” Capacity
Variable Blade Speeds 5 HP 230/460 Standard Motor
 KC12NC  Clausing KC12NC  Fully automatic and programmable horizontal band saw 11.8 inch Round Capacity 66-330 FPM Blade Speed 5 HP 230/460 Standard Motor
  KC12SA  Clausing KC12SA Semi-Automatic Band Saw 10 inch capacity manual horizontal band saw, powerful 2 HP drive motor, 4 blade speeds, 5 HP 230/460 Standard Motor
 KC812W  Clausing MS1218VS 12″ Round Capacity,  0 to 45° – Swivel Head Miter Cutting, Variable Blade Speed, 2HP 230/460V Motor
 KC18AX-s  Clausing MS1318SA 13″ Capacity Round -Powerful Semi-Automatic Miter Saw 0 to 60° Swivel Head Miter Cutting, Continuous Variable Blade 3HP Motor
 KC16AX  Clausing KC18AX – Powerful 18 inch Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, variable speeds from 66-330 fpm, 7.5 Hp , 230/460v Motor

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