Added Tool in Open Station

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Here’s A Great Configuration Idea. Adding a second punch station. To Speed up production our customer installed a second punch unit on his 55 Ton Edwards Ironworker. This company is a manufacturer of utility trailers. These are the flatbed trailers … Read More

What tonnage Ironworker Do I Need

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Calculate the Edwards Ironworker Tonnage required for a clean punch based on hole size and steel thickness. Selecting the right ironworker for your projects is critical. If you have an under powered punch, there are a couple of things which … Read More

Fence Picket Punch

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Fence Picket Punch It’s possible to create a spear top for a picket fence using an ironworker a specialty punch and square tubing. The example below is a spear type top for a steel picket fence. With a specialaty punch … Read More

Selecting Punches

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The right punch Ironworker punch recommendation Something to keep in mind when selecting punches is to make sure you use the right  punch for the purpose. A common use for a punch is to make holes for attaching bolts to … Read More

Edwards Horizontal Press

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Edwards Ironworkers Horizontal Press The Edwards 20 Ton Horizontal Press is a versatile tool. Watch the video and observe the ways different tooling makes work easier. Use this horizontal press to bend, form brake and straighten mild steel. It accepts … Read More

New Radius Roller

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Edwards Ironworker is offering a new tube & pipe bending accessory called the Radius Roller it will roll round and square tubing and quickly adjusts for each job. It is compatible with Ironworkers with the Hydraulic Power Pack or the … Read More