Dake PDL Manual Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake – from 40 to 150 Tons

Hydraulic Press Brake Manual Control

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PDL.NC Hydraulic Press Brake

Guided platen hydraulic H-Frame press brake. The PDL series goes from 40 to 150 Tons and is a manual 2 post design.

Also available as semi-automatic & automatic models click here



  • 2 speed power unit
  • V forming dies on upper and lower sides of platen
  • Smooth Joy stick control
modelPDL 40NC PDL 70NC PDL 100NC PDL 100BNC 
capacity (tons)4070100100
ram speed advance (ipm)21242424
ram speed pressing (ipm)211299
ram travel13131313
daylight (in)9-3/49-3/47-3/47-3/4
width between uprights35354161
dimensions67 x 28 x 8167 x 28 x 8575 x 34 x 8597 x 40 x 89
V brake32323239
weight (lbs)2,3152,9764,8506,283


modelPDL 100CNC PDL 150NC PDL 150CNC 
capacity (tons)100150150
ram speed advance (ipm)242121
ram speed pressing (ipm)977
ram travel131313
daylight (in)7-3/47-3/47-3/4
width between uprights616161
dimensions97 x 40  x 89103 x 40  x 93103 x 40 x 93
V brake 593959
weight (lbs)6,72411,24412,126