Kmt Great Selection of Band Saws

KMTsaw horizontal band saws – a wide range of capacities and styles. KMT offer an light duty 8 inch utility band saw. 10 inch models, 12 inch models. KMT has manual, semi-automatic and CNC controlled saws. KMT also offers the heaviest duty band saw we sell, a rugged 20 inch  capacity saw for beams and other heavy steel products.

kmt-logo-40 KMTsaw Horizontal Band Saws-  Nice Selection – Made in USA
  8 & 10 inchKMTsaw Utility Horizontal Band Saw Utility Band Saws H235 (8 inch)  H275 (10 inch)
Manual saws with Auto cut features – can be portable
 10 inchKMTsaw manual Band Saw 10 inch  H310 manual & H310 semi-Auto
Includes Presets for cutting
Coolant – Miter Cutting (60° R)  (45° L)
 12 inchKMTsaw 12 inch horizontal band saws 12 inch H350 Manual & H350 Semi-auto
Heavy Duty Drive, TEFC Motor – Presets for cutting- Miter Cutting (60° R)  (45° L)
 14 & 20 inchKMTsaw heavy duty band saw 14 inch KS450 SA  20 inch KS600 SA
Solids/Structural Steel & other.
Auto- settings – Miter Cutting to 60 right and left
 10 & 12 inchKMTsaw automatic 10 - 12 inch band saws Automatic H310 A 10 inch & H360 A 12 inch
CNC controlled option (H 350 A NC) Available

Miter Cutting to the 60° right and 45 left
Easy to use – convenient controls 
 20 inchKMTsaw Double Column H6-80 H6-SA Heavy Duty Double Column 
H6A-NC Fully Programmable – Store Jobs
Mitering from 0-60°

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