75 Ton Edwards Ironworker

75 Ton Edwards Ironworker can punch 1-1/16 diameter holes through 7/8th inch steel, that is power. This ironworker also includes a flat bar shear, rod shear, coper notcher and angle shear. It can power additional Edwards shop equipment if  the ** Powerlink System is ordered with the ironworker.

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75 ton edwards ironworker

Punch 75 Ton Rated
Flat Bar Shear 1/2 x 14 or 3/4 x 10 inch
Angle Shear 5 x 5 x 1/2
Rod Shear 1-1/2 Round  1-1/4 SQ.
Coper Notcher  2-1/2 x 5 x 1/2
Standard Motor 7.5 HP 3 PH 208/230V
Optional Motors
  • 7.5 HP 3 PH 460V
  • 7.5 HP 3 PH 575V
  • 5 HP 1 PH 230V
  • 7.5 HP 1 PH 208/240V
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** The Powerlink System allows ironworker to power accessory tooling: 10 or 20 Ton Shop Press, 10 Ton Pipe/Tube Bender, Pipe, Tube & Section Radius Roller. Powerlink System is factory installed on new ironworkers.

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Calculate Tonnage Required For a Particular Punch Job

  • 75 ton Opposite View

    75 ton Opposite View

    75 ton Side View

    75 ton Side View

    75 ton front view

    75 ton front view

  • 75 Ton Edwards Ironworker

    Standard Tooling
    pedestal die tableThe 75 Ton Edwards Ironworker includes the Pedestal Die Table Punch which allows for the punching of flange or web surfaces of 2" x 2" steel angle, channel and beam.
    Flat Bar Shear Flat Bar Shear  on this ironworker can shear up 14" in width
    angle shearAngle Shear  cuts both thin and thick steel angle up to a 5 x 5 inch steel angle.
    coper-notcherCoper Notcher - notch a piece off a plate, barstock or angle
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