Edwards Ironworker Powered Hydraulic Accessory Shop Tools

10 Ton Pipe – Tube Bender

Need an inexpensive bender for small pipe and Tube.
Why not look at our Edwards Tube/Pipe Bender with an Ironworker.

You could get both for the cost of many other manufactures tube benders.
For less than 10K you could buy a 40 Ton Ironworker with Hydraulic Accessory Pack plus this Pipe/Tube Bender.

10 Ton Pipe & Tube Bender

Quick Connect Hydraulic Tools
2″ (I.D.) Schedule 40 pipe, 2-1/2″ (O.D.) tube
and 2″ square tube quickly and accurately

Capacity •2 inch Sch. 40 Pipe
•2-12″ OD Square Tube
Bender Dies Tube Dies
Square Tube Dies
Pipe Dies
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*** Question:  Can the pipe bender bend rectangular tubing (like 2 x 4)
Answer  :  At this time Edwards does not supply dies to fit rectangular tube.

Radius Roller

Hydraulic Radius RollerVertical Positioning
Roll Pipe – Tube – Bar Sections on the NEW Radius Roller.
Works in horizontal and vertical positioning. Plugs into Edwards PowerPack or Built in Ironworker Hydraulic Accessory Power Pack.

Hydraulic Shop Press

Edwards Shop Press Check Out Our Press Brake Adapter For Shop Press - Below
20 Ton Shop Press 2" Ram, Work-Area 10.5 x 20"
40 Ton 4" Ram Work Are 38" x 40.5"
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Press Brake Tooling

Press Brake Turns Shop Press into a Press Brake
 Press Bake Mounts to Shop Press
 4 Sizes

Press Brake Tooling Set

Press Brake Tooling Set The six piece Press Tooling Set includes tapered and cutaway push blocks. It installs quickly and easily with a ball detent screw to our 20 Ton Shop Press or 40 Ton Shop Press. $529.00

Press Brake Back Gauge

Press Brake Back Gauge Make Repeatable Bends Our adjustable Press Brake Back Gauge makes for easy set-up of repeatable bends. Simply bolt it up to the Edwards Ironworker Brake Tooling assembly or Press Brake Tooling for our 20 Ton Shop Press and 40 Ton Shop Press, and a simple hand crank glides the carriage backstop to your desired brake location. $609.00


Edwards Ironworkers Horizontal Press

The Edwards 20 Ton Horizontal Press is a versatile tool.
Watch the video and observe the ways different tooling makes work easier.
Use this horizontal press to bend, form brake and straighten mild steel.
It accepts lots of different tooling.

This press is designed for maximum tooling flexibility, the 4 pin locations are locked with a simple crank for inboard tool squaring. There is an included digital encoder reads positive stop for accurate repetition within 0.01″. $6,796.00

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