KMTsaw Vertical Cold Saws C316 Manual and Semi-automatic

Vertical Column Cold Saws

Heavy Duty Mitering Vertical Cold Saws. KMT Ferrous or non-ferrous cold saws C316 12 inch blade.

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C316 Vertical Manual Cold Saws     Rugged heavy duty vertical column circular sawing machines with saw frame swiveling capability for mitering.
  • Cold Saws Designed for Heavier Duty Applications
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors
  • Includes High Speed Saw Blade
  • Integral Flood Style Coolant System
  • Protected Housed Transmission Safety Guards / Operators Manual
  • Vibration less Operation
  • Miter scale for precision miter cuts
  • C 316 Completely manual operation.
  • C 316 AV -Manual sawing operation with quick clamping of air vise.
90° Round4"
45° Round Left4"
45° Round Right4"
60° Round Right3.5"
90° Square3.25"
45° Square Left3.25"
45° Square Right3.25"
60° Square Right3.25"
90° Rectangle3" x 5.75"
45° Rectangle Left3" x 4"
45° Rectangle Right3" x 4"
60° Rectangle Right2.75" x 3"
Voltages220 1ph 460 3ph
Blade Dia (max)12 1/2'" (315mm)
RPM Spindle17 - 33
Vise Opens7 1/8"
Coolant5 gals
Height35 1/4"


  • Freestanding Roller Conveyor 12” W x 5’(1000 lb) or 12″ x 10″ (2000 lb)
  • Custom infeed/outfeed roller conveyor 12” W x 6’ long, with cover plates between rollers, coolant return through, micro-adjustable legs, mounted to machine
  • Additional 6’ section for above conveyor – Vertical side guide