Edwards Punch Attachments

Oversize Punch Assembly

Oversized PunchThe Oversize Punch Assembly takes the place of the standard Punch Assembly to accommodate punches and dies in various shapes and sizes from 1 in to 1-9/16in. All Ironworkers    $607.14 All Ironworkers $749.00

241 Punch Assembly

241 Punch AssemblyThis tooling can be used to punch large holes as well as slots in everything from sheet metal to plate to steel beams.


Stripper Reducing Plate

stripper reducing plateThe stripper reducing plate is a spring-loaded, self-locating accessory that minimizes distortion in thinner gauge material when using smaller punch and dies All Ironworkers   $99.00

Pedestal Die Table

pedestal die tableThe Pedestal Die Table allows for the punching of flange or web surfaces of 2" x 2" steel angle, channel and beam. All Ironworkers   $607.14


Urethane Stripper

urethane stripperThe Urethane Stripper accessory is designed to maintain the flatness of material being punched by keeping constant pressure on light gauge material through the punch and strip cycle. Fits All Ironworkers Urethane Stripper $543.00

Quick Change Punch Coupling

quick change punch couplingSpeeds the changeout of punches for standard or oversize punches. Quick Change Punch Coupling - Fits All Ironworkers Punch Coupling $622.00


Gauging Table Kit

gauging table kitThe 3/8in x 12in x 16in punch Gauging Table Kit takes the guess work out of making precise, repeatable standard or oversize. All Ironworkers $249.00