Dake Large Heavy Duty Hydraulic Presses

Dake Heavy Duty Specialty Press up to 400 Tons

Dake large heavy duty hydraulic presses fit the requirement of many fabrication shops. These presses deliver tons of pressure in a wide range of models. Good for assembly, pressing, broaching, bending, forming, straightening and more.

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PFF hydraulic Press

PFF hydraulic Press with Hydraulic Lift 25 to 150 Tons

PBM Hydraulic Press

PBM Hydraulic Press movable Table 70 to 100 Tons

PMM Hydraulic Press

PMM Hydraulic Press - Movable Frame 40 to 200 Tons

PDL.NC Hydraulic Press Brake

PDL.NC Hydraulic
Press Brake 25 to 200 Tons

PDL Hydraulic Press Brake SA

PDL Hydraulic Press Brake SA 20 to 200 Tons

PST Platen Press Semi-auto 100 to 400 Tons

PST Platen Press Semi-Auto or Automatic 40 - 400 Ton

PSQ 4-Post Hydraulic Platen Press

PSQ 4-Post Hydraulic Platen Press 40 to 200 Tons

PCR-C-Frame Straightening Press

PCR-C-Frame Straightening Press 40 to 200 Tons

PCL C-Frame Straightening Press

PCL C-Frame Straightening Press 2 Post Semi-Automatic