Clausing CLC2500 Large Radial Arm Drill

8 Foot Radial Arm Drill – Heavy Duty – Production

CLC2500 Radial Arm Drill Press

CLC2500 Radial Arm Drill Press Up to 8 foot drill from post

Drilling Steel 3.15
  Cast Iron 3.98
Tapping Steel 2.56
  Cast Iron 2.95
Boring Steel 6
  Cast Iron 10
Spindle Motor 10 HP
Elevating Motor 5 HP
  • Vertical movement of arm is coordinated by an IC timer.
  • With a single touch on push button switch, you can have the arm unclamped then move vertically, or stop then clamp automatically.
  • Tools will always stay at the same point after tool shifting
  • Gear box gears are cooled by oil
  • Friction type disc clutch absorbs impact force caused by vertical movement of spindle
  • Automatic tool eject device is supplied to allow you to change tools quickly.
  • Arm elevating device is provided to prevent arm from falling down abruptly
  • Coolant system - Tool kit and manuals

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