Dake Movable Table Press

Table Rolls out to make loading large & heavy pieces easier.
Models with either air or electric power up to150 Tons

Movable Table Movable table press L

  • Work Table rolls out into a position for loading heavy and awkward work pieces and smoothly returns to position for pressing.
  • Available as Air Powered or Electric Hydraulic Powered
  • Heavy-duty hoist easily raises and lowers workhead.
  • Optional table plates
  • Adjustable workhead height provides maximum daylight for oversized work.
  • Toggle clamps lock table securely in place. Optional V-blocks
ModelCapacityPowerTable Capacity
42-30025 TonAir3,500
42-40025 tonElectric3,500
42-50025 tonElectric3,500
42-30450 tonAir3,500
42-40150 tonElectric3,500
42-50150 tonElectric3,500
42-30875 tonAir3,800
42-40275 tonElectric3,800
42-50275 tonElectric3,800
42-312150 tonAir4200
42-403150 tonElectric4200
 42-503150 tonElectric4200