Edwards Horizontal Press

Suprising popular horizontal press.

This auxiliary shop tool presents a horizontal surface for forming metal.
The press itself has 20 tons of force. Enough for some serious forming.
Edwards 20 Ton horizontal press

  • 20 Tons of Power
  • Digital Readout
  • Hardened Tooling Pins
  • 4 pin Locations for Tooling Flexibility
  • Smooth Ram Extension
  • Robust Construction
  • 2” Machined Heavy-Duty Table
  • Machined, Hardened Bushings

The 20 ton Edwards Horizontal Press accepts a great variety of tooling to
form, break and to straighten mild steel. This shop tool uses a quick connect to either your Edwards Ironworker or Power Pack.
With it in place you’re ready to form a wide variety of materia. This compact powerhouse is designed for maximum tooling flexibility.

Horizontal Press Die BrakeThe universal die block holds tooling securely, while the 4-pin tooling locations
lock with a simple crank for inboard squaring. The integrated digital encoder reads a
positive stop for accurate repetition within 0.01”. Ships with a 6”- 4 way die block and
arbor punch to get you started. The potential of this tool is unlimited!