4 foot radial arm drill from Clausing Industrial

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Clausing CLC1250H Heavy Duty Radial Arm Drill
Clausing CLC1250H Heavy Duty Radial Arm Drill
Drilling Steel 1.97
  Cast Iron 2.36
Tapping Steel 1.57
  Cast Iron 1.97
Boring Steel 4.33
  Cast Iron 6.55
Spindle Motor 5 HP
Elevating Motor 1 HP
  • Oil Cooling system for gearbox
  • Hydraulic activated speed changes and speed pre-selection
  • Impact absorbing disc clutch protects transmission from
  • vertical spindle movements & helps in tapping operations
  • Automatics tools ejection device
  • Hydraulic Step-by-Step clamping system, with proper selection on push button switch. Column, arm, gear box can be clamped/released independently. Easy to operate.
  • 5 HP Spindle Motor
  • Coolant System - Tool Kit & Manuals

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