Portable to Fully Automatic Band Saws

Dake is known for quality machine tools. You can find these Dake horizontal band saws in a lot of machine shops across America. Small band saws to powerful production grade equipment.

Dake Dake Horizontal Band Saws
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7-9″Dake SE712 & SE912  SE712 SE912 Manual, Heavy Steel Base,
Fast Releasing vise, Hydraulic fed, Wet/Dry Cutting
 10″Dake jh10w1 jh10w3  JH10W Manual $5,495.00
Large Capacity convenient controls
4 blade speeds vise with swivel jaw
 10″ – 8.5″ – 6.5″
SE 10M
 SE 10M – 8.5M  – 6.5M Miter Cutting
Heavy duty, low production saw
 13 & 17.5″Dake SAR-331 Sar 331 SA Sar 400 SA
Dual Miter Cutting Heavy Duty Bandsaw

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