Clausing CL1100 – CL1230 Radial Arm Drills

Heavy-Duty, Large Capacity Radial Drills

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Clausing CL1100 – CL1230 Radial Drills are suitable for heavy duty and production drilling, tapping and broaching. The capacity drilling in steel is up to 1.65 inch

CL1100 and CL1200 Radial Arm Drill Press

CL1100 - CL1200 Radial Arm Drill Presses - Similar specs for both see below

Features for both
  • High-quality cast-iron arm with heat-treated and ground slides.
  • Gear box bearing bracket fitted with standard bearings.
  • Smooth gear-box operation.
  • Nickel-Chrome Steel high speed gears
  • Powerful 3 Hp, 2-speed, heavy-duty spindle drive motor.
  • Overload protection device
  • Compression Spring balances main spindle
  • Coolant System
  • Low volt and overload protection
  • Tool kit and manuals
  • 44 to 1500 rpm... speeds to drill large holes, small holes to spot face, counterbore and ream.
  • Powerful 3 Hp, 2-speed, heavy-duty spindle drive motor.
  • Low volt and overload protection
  • Equipped with hydraulic clamping. With a push of a button you can have arm unclamped then move vertically, or stop then clamp automatically.
  • The main spindle is balanced by an adjustable block.
Quick Specifications
Arm Travel
CL1100 22.4
CL1230 24.8
Capacity Both
   Drilling Steel 1.65 in.
                 Cast Iron 2.16 in.
 Tapping Steel 1 in
                Cast Iron 1.5 in
 Boring Steel 3.375 in
               Cast Iron 4.06 in

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