Accu-lube systems and lubricationAccu-lube Lubrication Systems and Fluids

accu-lube system & lubricantsNew CNC machines typically have several cutting heads and these systems can be configured to supply all of them at once or one at a time, when only only cutting head is in operation. Production Specialty understands micro-lubrication systems. We can engineer the best lubrication system for your equipment, either job specific or machine specific.

ITW Fluid Products Group is the leader in scientifically advanced fluid products for the , metalworking industry. Natural-based Accu-Lube lubricants are formulated to provide superior performance, economy and safety compared to conventional water-soluble coolants and cutting fluids.

Accu-Lube standard applicators are available for most metalworking operations, and our engineers can design a custom micro-lubrication system for any special or standard application.

Production Specialty has experience with hundreds of successful micro-lubrication installations, nationwide. We will make your process run smoother, use less lubricants and coolants and
save you money.

Accu-Lube Applicators

  • Accu-Lube applicators regulate the lubricant supplied to the cutting edge in exact quantities – no guesswork.
  • Lubricant is carried by air, with pinpoint accuracy onto the cutting edge. Hazardous atomizing and “mist” are eliminated.
  • Additional pumps and automatic on/off controls (electric solenoid) can be added in the field. Just order a complete pump assembly or a solenoid valve. This process is limited to the box size.
  • Minimal or no equipment modification is required for system installation.
  • An electric or pneumatic timing device (frequency generator) with a 5-120 stroke per minute control range for electric timing device and a 5-180 stroke per minute control range for pneumatic timing device.
  • Easy lubricant and air flow adjustment.
  • Durable metal locking box
  • Multiple on/off controls: manual switch, solenoid valve, foot pedal or air pilot valve.
  • Multiple nozzle types available: Copper, Stainless Steel and Loc-Line with Magnetic Base.

Limited 2 Year Warranty –All Accu-Lube applicators undergo systematic, rigorous testing in order to confidently offer extremely reliable application systems. That is why we have a limited 2-year parts warranty on all equipment when used with Accu-Lube lubricants or equivalent

Complete Standard Applicators

  • All standard applicators come in a metal box with:
  • 12 foot hoses
  • 12 inch copper nozzles with standard tip
  • 10 oz. reservoir for I to 3 nozzle units
  • 1 quart reservoirs for units with 4 or more nozzles

Nozzle Placement

Nozzle Positioning for Milling Lubricate the cutting edge. before it enters the cut. Follow the cut. accu-lube nozzle placementaccu-lube nozzle
2 & 3 Nozzle Positioning for Circular Sawing Lubricate the saw blade into the gullet of the bladeaccu-lube circular saw placement 
Nozzle Positioning for Drilling/Tapping Lubricate the drilling tip and down into the flutes.nozzel position drilling tapping
Nozzle Positioning for Bandsaw Lubricate the cutting face of the blade and into the gulletbandsaw nozzel placementbandsaw nozzle position

Accu-Lube Hand Held Products

For short-run and handheld machining projects, nothing can match the quality of Accu-Lube Products.
All are environmentally safe, non-toxic and cleanup with soap and water.
Accu-Lube hand-held products put the convenience and high quality performance
of the finest organic cutting lubricants at your fingertips.

Accu-Lube Pump Spray The precision nozzle allows to apply lubrication only where needed, making the Accu-Lube pump spray the ideal choice for drilling, tapping and reaming. Available in 8 Ounce Pump Spray (16/case) Part #79026accu-lube pump spray
Stick Lubricants Reduces lubricant buildup in belt, disc or wheel grinding operations. Apply the ready-to-use stick to the tool before start-up. Available in: 2.2 Ounce Push-up stick (24/case) Part#7904213 Ounce Tube (24/case) Part#79045hand-held lubricants
Accu-lube Blocks The individually packaged Accu-Lube blocks make grinding operations hassle-free Lubrication is as simple as making an "X" on belts or discs. Available in 2.6 ounce Solid Block (120/case) Part #79037 accu-lube block
Accu-Lube Paste This is the industry standard for horizontal applications. Brush it on for tapping, reaming or drilling. Available in 8 Ounce jar (I 0/case) Part #79030accu-lube paste
Accu-clean safely removes oil, grease, dirt and grime from any surface, including cement, all metals, all painted surfaces, upholstery, clothing and plastics. accu-cleanNon-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable, it can clean without contaminating water and drain systems. Available in I Gallon (4/case) Part #AC-1001 5 Gallon Part #AC-1005 55 Gallon Drum Part #AC-1055