120 Ton Edwards Ironworker has awesome power and will punch a 1-1/2 inch hole in 1 inch steel plate. This powerful ironworker also comes standard with a flat bar shear, angle shear, coper notcher plus an open station for optional tooling. With all this power the 120 ton edwards ironworker can easily power the Powerlink System, if so ordered.

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120 Edwards Ironworker Specifications

Standard Motor
10 HP 3PH 208 V or 230 V 1770 RPM 26 A  (List Price)  $30,199.00

Optional Motors
10 HP 3PH 460 V 1770 RPM 12 A (List Price)  $30,499.00
10 HP 3PH 575 V 1770 RPM 10 A (List Price)  $30,899.00
10 HP 1PH 230 V 1740 RPM 40 A (List Price)  $32,699.00
PowerLink                (List Price)  $1,300.00
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Rating                     120 Tons  (65,000 PSI Tensile)
Max. Capacity         1-1/2″ Dia. in 1″ A36
Stroke                      2″
Throat Depth          11″
Open Height           9-1/8″
Shut Height            7-1/8″
Work Height          36-5/8″

Max. Capacity       1/2″ x 24″ 1″ x 12″
Max. Round          1-1/4″
Max. Square         1-1/4″
Work Height          33-1/4″

Max. Capacity       6″ x 6″ x 1/2″
Work Height         52-1/2″

Max. Capacity      3″ x 6″ x 1/2″
Work Height        40″

Height                 9″
Width                 11-3/4″
Work Height       51-3/4″

Hydraulic Pump 24 GPM
Valve Pressure  3800 PSI
Reservoir          17 Gallons
Cylinder            2-3/4″ Ram

Height             79 3/8″
Width              60″
Depth             60″
Shipping Weight  5500 lb

** The Powerlink System allows ironworker to power accessory tooling: 10 or 20 Ton Shop Press, 10 Ton Pipe/Tube Bender, Pipe, Tube & Section Radius Roller. Powerlink System is factory installed on new ironworkers.

* Free shipping in continental US only, additional charges for Alaska & Hawaii.


Calculate Tonnage Required For a Particular Punch Job

120 Ton Edwards Ironworker

Standard Tooling

pedestal die tablePedestal Die Table Punch  which allows for the punching of flange or web surfaces of 2″ x 2″ steel angle, channel and beam is the standard punch station on the 120 ton edwards ironworker.

Flat Bar ShearFlat Bar Shear  On this ironworker can shear a plate up to 24″ wide.

angle shearAngle Shear The angle shear handles cutting steel angle to size. This ironworker can cut up a 6 x 6 sized angle.
Coper NotcherCoper Notcher – notch a piece off a plate, barstock or angle up to 3 x 6 x 1/2
Open StationOpen Station – This allows for adding other tooling like a bar shear or other.