Edwards Ironworkers

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Edwards Ironworkers

We are proud of our association with Edwards Ironworkers. They are 100% American Made and stay on the job year after year. Click to see the selection of equipment.  Our  online pricing will include *free shipping + 6 FREE punch die sets  Set with new Iron worker in February even more

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All edwards ironworkers include powerful punching stations and also standard on many models are notchers, shears as well as accessories, like pipe & tube benders, shop presses, press brakes and the tooling to fit.

Edwards For Fab Centers

As seen on GEARZ TV Edwards Ironworkers are a valuable and versatile addition to any fabrication shop. All are available with “SINGLE PHASE” power.

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25 Ton Edwards Ironworker
25 Ton
This model is no longer available
40 Ton Edwards Ironworker
40 Ton This model is no longer available
50 Ton Edwards Ironworker
50 Ton Ironworker 4 Available Workstations
55 Ton Edwards Ironworker
55 Ton Ironworker 4 Available Workstations 
60 Ton Edwards Ironworker
60 Ton Ironworker    4 Available Workstations
65 Ton Edwrads Ironworker
65 Ton Ironworker - 5 Available Workstations
75 Ton Edwards Ironworker
75 Ton Ironworker    4 Available Workstations
100 Ton Edwards Ironworker
100 Ton Ironworker   4 Available Workstations
100 Ton Deluxe Edwards Ironworker
100 Ton Deluxe       5 Available Workstations
120 Ton Ironworker
120 Ton Ironworker   5 Available Workstations
110 Ton Elite Ironworker
      110 Ton Elite         5 Available Workstations
110-65 Ton Elite Dual Operator Ironworker
110-65 Ton Elite       2 Person Operation   4 Available Workstations

* Free shipping in continental US only, additional charges for Alaska & Hawaii.