Smaller Dake Hydraulic Presses

Includes – Manual, Air Operated & Electric Powered Hydraulic Presses

Dake Manual Dura Press

Dake Manual Dura Press 10 to 150 Ton Models

Single phase hydraulic press

Single Phase Dura press 10, 25 & 50 Tons Models

Three Phase Dura Press

Three Phase Dura Force Press 40 to 200 Ton Models

Dake elec-hydraulic press

Dale Elec-hydraulic press 25-200 Ton Models

Dake C Frame Bench Press

Dake C Frame Bench Press 4 to 12 tons 

H-Frame air operated press

H-Frame air   operated press 25 to 200 Tons

Utility H-frame hydraulic press

Utility H Frame Press
2 10 ton models

Dake movable table press

Dake movable table press 20 to 150 Ton Models

Hydraulic forklift tire press

Hydraulic forklift tire press