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Fence Picket Punch

Fence Picket Punch It’s possible to create a spear top for a picket fence using an ironworker a specialty punch and square tubing. The example below is a spear type top for a steel picket fence. With a specialaty punch a square tube can add…

Selecting Punches

The right punch Ironworker punch recommendation Something to keep in mind when selecting punches is to make sure you use the right  punch for the purpose. A common use for a punch is to make holes for attaching bolts to a second work piece. If…

Can a 55 Ton Ironworker Punch an Oblong Hole

Can a 55 Ton Ironworker punch a standard oblong hole 13/16″ x 1″ is a 5/16″ thick piece of A36 material ? Yes it can.