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What tonnage Ironworker Do I Need

Calculate the Edwards Ironworker Tonnage required for a clean punch based on hole size and steel thickness. Selecting the right ironworker for your projects is critical. If you have an under powered punch, there are a couple of things which can happen. You just might…

Can a 55 Ton Ironworker Punch an Oblong Hole

Can a 55 Ton Ironworker punch a standard oblong hole 13/16″ x 1″ is a 5/16″ thick piece of A36 material ? Yes it can.

Can Ironworker Punch 2 inch angle

55 Ton Ironworker question. This question had to do with punching a 1/2 inch hole in 2 inch angle iron. The angle iron is 1/4 inch thick. Upon going to another shop where there was an ironworker our contact was told that a die mounting…

Ironworker in home workshop

25 Ton - 2 work Stations

The 25 Ton Edwards Ironworker is at home in a small fab shop or even an home metal shop. It makes some projects just that much easier. Punching though supports is quicker than drilling. With the second, open station, you can expand the capabilities of…